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October 01, 2015

Desi Traveler

desi Travel digest September 2015

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desi Travel digest September 2015

  My favorite Travel Posts from September 2015 – And they are not from desi Traveler   The main purpose of net was to share, so it is not surprising that we often see this mentioned on blogs: Sharing is Caring, or show some Sharing Love etc. Indeed we are happiest when we see that [Continue Reading By Clicking Here...]

This awesome post desi Travel digest September [...]

October 01, 2015 11:59 PM (IST)

Her Yatra Diary

Pictures of Lord Ganesha from Our Ganpati Pandal Hopping 2015: A Recap!

What special should I do for Ganesh Chaturthi this year? I wondered days before the festival commenced. Like all the previous 4 years where I had been covering this vibrantly unique festival of Ganesh Chaturthi on my little yatra diary, I wanted to celebrate the festival this year too, together, along with all of you. After some thinking over for a couple of days and juggling with a few random jumbled ideas, I finally settled down on the idea of posting 11 different Ganeshas, one for each of the 11 days [...]
October 01, 2015 09:04 PM (IST)

Daily SEO

5 Quick Fixes That’ll Take Your Content Marketing Game a Notch Higher

Original source: 5 Quick Fixes That’ll Take Your Content Marketing Game a Notch Higher via DailySEOblog .

Content marketing takes more than just publishing an article. Many who jump into the boat feel that it’d be damn easy to get those shares and links. However that’s not always the case. In this post I will cover all the tips that you need to follow to step up this game. 1. Pay attention to the kind of content that you are creating Content creation isn’t just about opening Word and typing [...]

October 01, 2015 08:18 PM (IST)

The Urge to Wander

Hotel Marquis de Riscal

For our 40th anniversary last month, (You read right. And ditch the math, I am not quite as old as you are thinking right now!) we consciously decided to give showy sights a miss for a slow savouring of food, wine and languorous coastal villages. And the Basque region came up trumps on all counts. With just the right amount of […]
October 01, 2015 08:14 PM (IST)

The Wanderer

Vegetarian Food in Jordan - the Comprehensive Guide!

Jordan is a country known for its non-vegeterian food, but what about the vegetarians? Are there food options for vegetarians as well in Jordan ? This question is especially important for Indians who are often prefer vegetarian food and hence worry about food when they travel outside India. This is an article to allay their food fears when they travel to Jordan.
Food for vegetarians in Jordan

I generally don't prefer traveling with a group, but traveling with a bunch of other traveler writers and photographers [...]

October 01, 2015 07:25 PM (IST)

How to tie a langot? Learn from a budding Pehalwan!

How to tie a traditional Indian langot?

This was a question asked my many of my readers when they saw my post on Indian wrestling  style  called Kushti. I thought it was quite simple to tie but having never tried it out myself, I decided to ask a young budding pehalwan (traditional Indian wrestler) to demonstrate how it’s done and he happily obliged. It's  only now  that I realise that it’s not at all easy and requires quite a bit of practise to do it effortlessly.

Amit posing [...]

October 01, 2015 06:27 PM (IST)

Indian Home Maker


Originally posted on I love life... so I explore. :

Mob killed Akhlaq and severely wounded his son in Dadri over allegations they had eaten beef. Meat sent for forensics, sickening! Don’t know what is hurting me more, lynching of a man in the name of religion or police sending the meat for testing, whether it is beef or some other meat. What, if it was beef, will the rest of the family be handed over to the mob, they had also eaten the meat. If it was not beef  will there be an eye for an eye kind [...]

October 01, 2015 05:22 PM (IST)


How your local prepaid SIM can help you abroad

I have a prepaid SIM and a postpaid SIM from same carrier in India. Ideally you would expect more support from your post-paid SIM when abroad, because you are paying more there. For making calls you can use a local SIM or use internet based calls (whatsapp/FB etc)   but having India number active is very critical- not because of calls, but for any credit card transaction OTP is sent to this
October 01, 2015 04:59 PM (IST)

Indian Backpacker's Travels

Journeys and Jottings

It is always a great feeling when you end a month with a journey and begin the next with another. After a slow start, am travelling again this year and the next few months promises to be a roller coaster ride. September was extremely eventful, both literally and figuratively. I usually do not attend too many events, but I did this month – launches of hotels, road shows, an inflight meal tasting, a travel seminar and PATA . I was also travelling, blogging, writing articles and blogs for publications, [...]
October 01, 2015 04:19 PM (IST)

Chennai Trekking Club

Emperor's KP post Trek Write up by Swathi

Trek with a broken leg to KP

Written By Swathi.


Seeing the picture of KP in trek invite mail from CTC got excited and applied enthusiastically. Not sure if I will be selected, was very happy seeing my name in short-listed names. With one month time I promised that i will prepare well to ensure i wont fall much (though not fully i did reduce the number of times i fell).

17 th   Sep Ganesh Chathurthi pooja was finished much earlier than usual because i had to leave for the 1:30 [...]

October 01, 2015 02:37 PM (IST)

Post Event : Ainthinai Tree Plantation @Little Flock Children Home : Sep 12

Event   : Ainthinai Tree Plantation I @Little Flock Children Home Location   : Kondamangalam , Near Chengalpattu Date   : Sep 12

Number of volunteers Participated :23

Number of Saplings planted  : 50

Weather : Cloudy

Tasks done : Digging Pit, Planting, Mulching,Watering,guards,Fun etc...

Album links :
Sugar Candid Studios

Ramesh Ramesh

In this event we tried an alternate for tree guard, Tree guards are much expensive, every one cant afford it, so we are experimenting [...]

October 01, 2015 02:34 PM (IST)

Indi Tales

Bhimakali – Unique Temple of Himachal

Goddess Bhimakali – the family deity of the Bushahar dynasty lives and rules in Sarahan. It was the capital of princely state after it moved here from Kamru near Sangla and before it was moved to the banks of Satlej at Rampur. Sarahan is located uphill from Jeori, a small hill town with Bhimakali temple ...

The post Bhimakali – Unique Temple of Himachal appeared first on Inditales .

October 01, 2015 02:00 PM (IST)


Best Credit Cards for Frequent Travelers

When it comes to credit cards, there’re dime a dozen. With 1000s of options and never ending bombardment of telemarketing calls, selecting the best credit card is a daunting task. Each card claims to be the best and has some advantages boldly listed, but also comes with various unfavorable terms declared in tiny print. So what makes a card better than others? What to look for while applying for
October 01, 2015 12:14 PM (IST)

Comparison of European Airlines-7 in 1

Over past 2 months, I have flown around a lot in Europe, mostly on short weekend trips from Copenhagen. In this process I had the opportunity to try several airlines. I flew 7 different Airlines , through 9 airports (within Europe only) totaling 15 take offs and landings. Below is a quick comparison of those airlines, for quick reference of those who might be planning short trips within Europe.
October 01, 2015 12:14 PM (IST)

Wild Wanderer

Quarry behind my house

A little over three decades ago, we moved into a newly constructed house on the outskirts of the city. At that time it was considered to be a location outside of town though there was a fair bit of civilization beyond this point. The house was built in the middle of a large open space. No compound wall proclaimed the boundary. Behind the house was an abandoned quarry, which had, over the years, filled with water and had come to support some aquatic vegetation.

As a youngster who was not even remotely interested [...]

October 01, 2015 10:00 AM (IST)

Le Monde

An evening in Coloane

You may treat it as ‘Things to do in Coloane’ but for me, an evening well spent.

That’s China at the other end!

Most remarkable aspect of Macau as a country is that, the two most important islands are extremely well connected by road, to Taipa Island on the south and the southern-most island of Coloane. In fact there is so much of reclaimed land between Coloane and Taipa that a new region called Cotai (Coloane-Taipa) has been created. One can easily say that Coloane perhaps is the [...]

October 01, 2015 10:00 AM (IST)

Desi Traveler

Best Places to Travel for Vegetarians

Read the original post on desi Traveler - India Travel Blog. Family- Food- Photography
Best Places to Travel for Vegetarians

Top Travel Destinations For Vegetarians   I have always thought that India is one of the few countries in world where people are vegetarians by choice. Now this choice could be a derivative of religious beliefs like in many Hindus and almost all Jains (I have some Jain friends who eat all kind of meat [Continue Reading By Clicking Here...]

This awesome post Best Places [...]

October 01, 2015 08:26 AM (IST)

Cartoons by Sudheernath


October 01, 2015 07:00 AM (IST)

Mumbai Daily


Sparrow in my balcony.
October 01, 2015 06:37 AM (IST)

CDP Theme Day - Shelter

Shelter for the passengers at Bandra Railway station platforms.
For more on this theme from around the world click here
October 01, 2015 06:00 AM (IST)

Ananya Tales

Printed Pants - Five Advantages

I usually prefer wearing dresses any day or any occasion but yes if it gets windy then I have to switch on to pants. I chose these printed pants which have white and blue flowers all over. Since the pants were printed and colorful I paired with a simple rose pattern black crop top.
For those of you who don't like wearing printed pants  here are few advantages that might change your mind:
1. Comfortable: When you know you have a long day ahead either shopping, running errands or traveling printed [...]
October 01, 2015 12:30 AM (IST)