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July 25, 2015

Travel Tales from Mridula

Walking through Chandni Chowk II


I went on a photowalk through Chandni Chowk recently. It left me with thoroughly mixed feelings. On one hand it offered good food and a peek into the past. But there were so many people who were living on the streets. Some of them quite old too. I wonder what got them there in life. But then I am get ahead of the story.

The White Haired Man

The white haired man was sitting in front of a sweet shop peeling potatoes. He told us they peel about 20 kilo of potatoes in a day.

The Young Helper [...]

July 25, 2015 11:13 PM (IST)

The Urge to Wander

Door - Mehrangarh Fort

It is easy to get overawed by magnificent edifices and miss out on the exquisite details that contribute to making them awe-inspiring in the first place. With my design background, it isn’t so much that I don’t notice the finer nuances of architectural construction, as that I get so carried away by their intricacies that I forget to […]
July 25, 2015 06:42 PM (IST)

Desi Traveler

World Tiger Day July 29th- Aircel shows how you can help

Read the original post on desi Traveler - India Travel Blog. Family- Nature- Photography
World Tiger Day July 29th- Aircel shows how you can help

Aircel Shows how you can help save tigers & launches Tigoji App   29th July is World Tiger Day and we have a little bit to celebrate. If the media reports are to be believed the tiger numbers in India are 2226, up from 1411 in 2006. This is a healthy increase considering the threats to [Continue Reading By Clicking Here...]

This awesome post [...]

July 25, 2015 04:03 PM (IST)

Seven Sisters

Ranthambhore diary

Mismanagement, corruption and resulting crowd menace at Ranthambhore is increasing every year. It is no more a place where you can watch a tiger walking the forest in peace.  After every visit, I said to myself that this is going to be the last time. But the tigers of Ranthambhore keep bringing me back. We had a sighting of T19’s cubs last year when they were just 3 months old. They were barely larger than a house cat last June (2014). Now they are sub adult cubs of one and half year. And they were treating [...]
July 25, 2015 02:02 PM (IST)


ബുദ്ധ മതത്തിന്റെ അപചയം.........

ബുദ്ധമതം ക്ഷയിക്കാനുള്ള കാരണങ്ങള്‍ പലതാണ്. ബുദ്ധമതം കുറെ പണക്കാരായ കച്ചവടക്കാരുടെയും രാജാക്കന്മാരുടെയും സഹായം കൊണ്ട് നിലനിന്ന മതമാണ്‌. സാമാന്യ ജനത്തിന് അതില്‍ വലിയ പങ്കൊന്നും ഉണ്ടായിരുന്നില്ല. [...]
July 25, 2015 12:36 PM (IST)

Sujoy Das

Green Lakes Trek: Panorama from Rest Camp

South Col Expeditions trekked the route to the north-east base camp of Kangchenjunga in the Zemu Valley, North Sikkim. Here is a video from  our Green Lakes trek which gives a good idea of the terrain and the vews
Green Lakes is controlled by a strict permit system which some times takes months to get. However, those who are tenacious enough to follow this up usually get the permit and will be rewarded with a superb trek through pristine country.
The forests of the Zemu valley are quite amazing [...]
July 25, 2015 11:26 AM (IST)

Rajesh's India

Mysore Zoo - Swamp Deer

Mysore Zoo  is the most popular zoo at  Mysore  in India. There are various wild animals and birds at the zoo. One among them is Swamp Deer or Barasingha. 
It is a medium sized deer with a shoulder height up to 120 cm. Its body is covered with yellowish brown hair above with white spots along the spine. The throat, belly, inside of the thighs and beneath the tail is white. The antlers carry more than three tines.
They graze mainly on grasses and those in the wetland feed commonly [...]
July 25, 2015 11:01 AM (IST)

നമതു വാഴ്വും കാലം

മഴക്കാടുകളുടെ രക്ഷകനായ മോണിറ്റര്‍ നാഥാ, പ്രതിഭകള്‍ക്കു വേണ്ടി അപേക്ഷിക്കണമേ

വിക്കി -  Hypergraphia  is a behavioral condition characterized by the intense desire to write. Forms of hypergraphia can vary in writing style and content. It is a symptom associated with  temporal lobe  changes in  epilepsy , which is the cause of the  Geschwind syndrome , a mental disorder. [1]  Structures that may have an effect on hypergraphia when damaged due to temporal lobe epilepsy are the  hippocampus  and  Wernicke's area . Aside from [...]
July 25, 2015 10:14 AM (IST)

Indrani Share

Faces of India - 223

A student of Sri Sri College of Ayurvedic Science and Research, Bangalore. It was her graduation day, the pic was taken when she was taking the hippocratic oath.    Faces of India, a series through which I intend to portray the various characters of my country whom I met during my travels. See more here. 
July 25, 2015 08:28 AM (IST)

Mumbai Daily

Skywatch friday

Mumbai monsoons sky.
For more on this theme please click  here
July 25, 2015 06:36 AM (IST)

Vasai fort ruins

This fort was built by the Portugese in 1590 AD to strengthen their naval superiority over the Arabian Sea. The fort was taken over by the Maratha army in 1739 after a three-year-long campaign. The British then took over the territory from the Marathas in 1817 AD.
July 25, 2015 06:00 AM (IST)

Ananya Tales

Wear your Scarf as a dress

I love this trend of wearing a scarf as a dress. Its simple and easy. Do try it yourself !
You will need:
1. A full size scarf/stole/shawl.
2. A Belt
3. A dress
1. Divide your scarf in two equal halves and wear it around your neck over your dress.
2. Wear the belt over your scarf. (Look 1)
3. Spread the scarf to cover your dress and also adjust the length and shoulders as you wish. (Look 2)
Click HERE
July 25, 2015 12:57 AM (IST)

A Photographic Journey

Hello again...

Introspections.. Travel.. Lives transformed. Here I am again at your doorstep. 
July 25, 2015 12:47 AM (IST)