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Antharagange Trek
Its been more than 2 years since the Kurinjal trek and this had been the longest gap since I started trekking. A portion of the blame goes to the work pressure, but it mostly boils down to my laziness! A job change was a good trigger to break the rut ... more»

Roopkund Trek
Ever since the Saurkundi Trek, I had wanted to do atleast one Himalaya trek every year. But, we had badly fallen short of that goal by a long distance. Apart from a beautiful trip covering Srinagar, Leh, Pangong and Tso Moriri, we had not managed to go back to those snow capped peaks. After seeing a few trek reports and albums from Vishwa, I was pretty much desperate to go and we registered with him for Roopkund ... more»

Mullayanagiri Trek
Located at a convenient distance from Bangalore, I have found Mullayanagiri one of the easiest places to go back to. Standing tall @ 1930m altitude, the hills generate a lot of awe among newbies - essentially because of the "tallest peak in Karnataka" tag. But, despite the tag, it is not among the "most difficult" peaks to trek ... more»

Hiremaleguppi Trek
Its been a while since I did my last trek - long enough to get that itch to look out for something interesting! It came in the form of a mail from Vishwanath, talking about a trans-western-ghats trek around Kudremukh ranges ... more»

Tso Moriri Trip
If there is heaven on earth ... wait, I may have told that already a few times! Not just me, a lot of people may have told that a lot of times. So, let us just say that Kashmir trip was way more amazing than I had expected ... more»

Leh Trip
I always had grant plans for a Leh / Ladakh visit - right from the days I started doing bike trips way back in 2001. But, is it not true for anybody who loves travelling? The problem for me was that the plans were too grant ... more»

Mukurthi Trek
In January 2007, I went for a trek to Mukurthi and came back mesmerized by the beauty of the national park. During the trek, our guide talked about the many tall peaks in this area - but I did not catch all the details as the geography was very new to me ... more»

Meghamalai Trip
I had not done much travel for a while and a few plans I made in the beginning last couple of weeks did not work out, resulting in boring weekends alone at home. So, when I got yet another free weekend - which I came to know in the last minute, I badly did not want to waste it ... more»

Saurkundi Trek
Many people have asked me why I have not done a Himalaya trek yet, given my general interest in trekking. Well ... its usually a combination of reasons. A little bit of starting trouble - it takes time to get to know the terrain and geography and I generally enjoy a trek more when I know both. Also, the effort and time required for a Himalaya trek is way higher than what is required for a trek in Western Ghats ... more»

Top Station Trek
In terms of the landscapes and avian life we encountered en route, Kodai Munnar Trek in February 2012 was one of the best - but it left a lot of things incomplete and a lot of questions unanswered for me. To begin with, our guide did not have any permission to enter Kerala and we sneaked in via a trail connecting Kilavara and Vattavada ... more»

Kodai Munnar Trek
Kodaikanal - Munnar trek along the Escape Road is one of the most famous trails in South India. Built by Britishers, this road connecting Kodaikanal and Munnar was the highest motorable road in South India. The road closed a couple of decades ago, due to wildlife concerns, but the trail was open for trekking enthusiasts for some more years ... more»

Karigudda Trek
Savandurga, a huge monolithic hill about 60kms to the south west of Bangalore at an altitude of about 1250m, is a popular trekking destination. The hill actually consists of two distinct peaks - the Billigudda and the Karigudda, with Billigudda about 20feet taller. Most trekkers who go to Savandurga only scale Billigudda and go back home, while Karigudda remained largely unexplored ... more»

Wayanadan Mala Trek
I am sure, nobody would have heard about 'Wayanadan Mala', when I start writing this. But, most people would know what I am talking about, if I say 'Real' Chembra, instead. Yes, the Chembra peak where a lot of people have trekked up to is not the tallest peak in Wayanad district ... more»

Kalladi Trek
Its been a while since I visited Muthappanpuzha and the hills around this rustic village. Muthappanpuzha is where the trek to Vellarimla starts. The place also has a trail through the forest leading to Kalladi in Meppadi. I had done part of this trek, uptil Swargakannu, in April 2008 ... more»

Chembra Trek
Trek to Chembra in January 2005 was one of the most memorable - it was here that I first trekked in Kerala, it was here that I first attempted a drive-to-trek in Western ghats and it was here that I first saw Vavul Mala, the quest to scale which lead me to Anakkampoyil 3 years later ... more»

Valparai Trip
Yet another long weekend was coming around Easter and we had to make use of it! We had a few places in mind - like Kabini and Rameswaram, but I wanted to go to a place which will utilize all three days. So, Kabini was out - we can go there even on a normal weekend ... more»

Siddarabetta Trek
I first went to Siddara Betta in 2002, with Ravishankar of The Wild, with whom I had gone to Maribetta and Rangaswamy Betta. But then, I did not even write a trip log as I did not even know how to reach the place :) But, I did have some good memories about Siddarabetta ... more»

Vavul Mala Trek
Its been two long years since my first trek to Vellarimala and I was waiting for another go @ these hill ranges to climb Vavul Mala. At about 2339m, it is the tallest peak in North Kerala and arguably the toughest climb in South India. While actively planning for this, my spirit took a beating when I heard that Josettan along with Arun and co could not make it to the peak even by 6'O clock on the second day ... more»

Shivaganga Trek
Shivaganga is one of those many trekking spots I missed, inspite of being so close to Bengaluru. Guess, once you are a regular in Western ghats, its hard to even consider the 'betta's around Bengaluru. Apart from Shivaganga, we have many more trekkable 'betta's to visit around Bangalore. Coming back to Shivaganga, it is about 56kms from Bangalore, with an altitude of 1368m ... more»

Hampi Trip
Its been almost a year, since I went for a road trip, barring the frequent drives home, along Mysuru / Mysore road to Kozhikode. So, during a 5-day long weekend involving Gandhi Jayanthi and Ramzan, we had an opportunity and couldnt let it go :) Hampi was chosen as the destination and I added few more places in north Karnataka to the itinerary ... more»

Yercaud Trek
I've been watching Peter's Chennai Trekkers for a while now. Having missed the Kodai - Munnar, Venkatagiri and Tada treks, I was keen to join at least this one. But, alas ... the trek to Yercaud was meant to be a four day and I was not sure if I could take days off from office. Luckily, everything worked out in the last minute, I was headed to the satellite bus station in Mysore ... more»

Meenmutty Trek
Though, I drive thro' Wayanad almost every month and have seen the sign boards talking about Meenmutty, the first time I heard in detail about the place was last year from Arun. He and couple of friends (including Prabul) had trekked and camped there. After, seeing the pics I wanted to go there ... more»

Kudremukh Trek
Kudremukh is one of the first names I heard, ever since I started showing any interest in trekking. Then why didnt I do this trek all this time? I waited for almost two years for any of the organizers (wild, nature admire ... etc) to organize a trek to Kudremukh. Later, when I tried to organize one myself, there were problems with contact information of forest officials, naxal presence in the forest, no permission given during monsoon ... and so on ... more»

Pakshipathalam Trek
Thirunelli is one of the most beautiful places I've been. The first time I went there during last year's monsoon, I was mesmerized by its beauty. A beautiful temple with a beautiful backdrop provided by mist covered green hills on three sides. But, monsoon was not a good time to trek in those hills and I had to come back post monsoon. Even before this, I had scaled Brahmagiri from the Iruppu side and heard stories about the mesmerizing trek from the Thirunelli side ... more»

Mukurthi Trek
After the hyperactive traveller bug which bit me post Meesapulimala Trek, the next in line was Kudremukh. The place had been marred by naxals recently and it was always risky to go there. Besides, there was a question of feasibility. So, the gang was downsized to just a few. Rajeev and Jamshy were ready to come and Pappan gave a 'conditional yes' ... more»

Subramanya Trek
I really have a bad knack of ending up with the busiest and most packed up travel plans! Most of the trips/treks we've planned and done had almost zero buffer time and most of the time, its been enjoyable and trurned out to be time effective ;) This time was no different, when on thursday evening, I felt we cud drive upto Subramanya on saturday afternoon, trek from Subramanya road to Shiribagilu and drive back to Bengaluru by sunday night ... more»

Kodaikanal Trip
Sabitha's engagement @ Elamgulam (midway between Ponkunnam and Palai in Kerala) was a very good excuse to make another trip. Especially when I was granted a couple of days leave from the otherwise hectic work schedule :) One can think of numerous routes between Elamgulam and Bengaluru, the most obvious one being the chartered waters thro' Salem, Dindigul, Teni and Kumily, but we had other ideas ... more»

Delhi Trip
Pappan's sister is getting married @ Gwalior and we had to go. Pachu suggested that we take a few day's leave, book flight tickets and check up places around Gwalior. Plan sounded good, since, none of us had been to any places north of Mumbai and this was a good excuse. Well ... the whole picture changed when Shabbo sent us a map of Madhya Pradesh marked Bengaluru - Gwalior = ~ 1700kms ... thro' the heart of Andhra and Madhya Pradesh ... isnt it best to drive ???? ... more»

Yana Trek
After the amazing trek to Kumaraparvatha, it took us some time to come up with a new plan and bring together most people in the group - almost four months and it finally happened in the end of October. This time, the plan was for a milder trek and Yana was chosen. Yana's major attraction is a pair of tall, ponited rock formations, called Mohini Shikhara and Bhairava Shikhara. There is a legend behind these rocks attributed to the destruction of Bhairavasura induced by Mohini ... more»

Kumaraparvatha Trek
Many has told me that a trek to Kumaraparvatha is the most strenuous in Karnataka making this beautiful mountain in the Western ghats so enticing to me. Finally, on a friday evening - the first in June when the monsoon had just begun - we (a gang of 13) booked our tickets with KSRTC and started towards Subramanya ... more»

Visakhapatnam Trip
Whenever I would look at a South India map, there was a big gap towards the North East. Me and my bike had never been there!!! Hence, Visakhapatnam was marked as the last in my list of places to bike. Also, it turned out to be the furthest from Bengaluru. Pavan and my CBZ was ready as ever and we started planning from Oct 2004 ... more»

Goa Trip
It was a four wheel drive again ... in my Maruti Versa on a long weekend due to Diwali holidays. We decided on the Tumakuru - Shivamogga - Honnavar - Karwar route to Goa and return via Hubballi. Starting on a thursday early morning (this was the earliest I ever did - 3 AM), we hit the Tumakuru road (NH4) as early as 4'O clock. At Tumakuru we took the NH206 and sped towards Shivamogga ... more»

Karwar Trip
Karwar is the north - west point in Karnataka, just couple of KMs away from Goa. The most obvious route to Karwar is via NH4 (Bengaluru - Tumakuru), NH206 (Tumakuru - Shivamogga - Sagar - Honnavar) and NH17 (Honnavar, Gokarna, Karwar) with a total distance of about 521 KMs. And we had grand plans ... 7 of us in 5 bikes - 5 forcians (now motorolans) and 2 ex-forcians (still, ex forcians) ... more»

Pondicherry Trip
Time for another bike trip and this time I decided to visit the beaches of Pondicherry and take a ride along the rest of East Cost Road (ECR). The stretch from Mahabalipuram to Chennai was explored during the Chennai Trip. So I was to drive along ECR up till Mahabalipuram, while coming back ... more»

Mangalore Trip
Managalore is 352 kms from Bangalore (according to the milestones i.e.) along the NH48. Once again, my trusted CBZ was with me, along with another friend. We hit the Tumakuru Road by around 4.00 on a Friday evening. Even at this time the traffic is messy in this area. But, once you go some distance in the NH4, it eases out ... more»

Ooty Trip
Ooty trip was a huge endurance test for my car (Maruti Versa). The Masinagudi route via the Sigur ghat was really hard on it. With 36 hair bends to climb around 1500m in just over 14 kms, this route is deemed as highly avoidable, but then its a beautiful experience for a guy behind the wheel ... more»

Kanyakumari Trip
Well ... this one was being planned for a long ... long time ... and visiting the land's end seemed to be a big 'project' for me. Not that I didnt try ... I did ... last december ... had to come back due to a minor accident, totally spoiling Soorji's Fiero and an SLR camera ... more»

Hyderabad Trip
Wow !!! this was a big one. Alone in my CBZ, around 575 kms, through the National Highway 7, amidst of picturesque landscape. I started of on a friday early morning with leaves on monday and tentatively on tuesday ... more»

Pookot Lake
Pookot lake (also spelled Pookode or Pookodu) is situated in Wayanad amidst of the picturesque western ghats. Around 3 hours drive from Kozhikode, this was another trip by car. This time with Ashish, Aravind and Ashi's cousin ... more»

Thadiyandamol Trek
About 250 kms. from Bengaluru, situated in the Western Ghats, lies Coorg, also known as Kodagu. It is sometimes called the Scotland of India, probably for its misty green slopes and lush forests. Thadiyandamol is the highest peak in Coorg at an elevation of 1750 meters ... more»

Kodachadri Trek
Kodachadri is in Shivamogga district, 1343 meters above sea level. A beatific hill abode that overlooks the panoramic Western Ghats. It is clothed with splendid evergreen forests. The place is 115 kilometers from Shivamogga city and very near to the famous temple town of Kollur ... more»

Palakkad Trip
Palakkad (formerly Palghat) is around 400 kilometers from Bengaluru. The route includes two national highways. NH7 from Bengaluru to Salem and NH47 from Salem to Palakkad ... more»

Kozhikode Trip
The wind blowing on the face @ full throttle was too much of an adrenalin rush and I got addicted within a few months of buying my CBZ. Our gang had already gone for a bike trip to Nandi Hills, but the 60kms to Nandi hills was nothing compared to what was being planned. With the 'Vishu' approaching, I had two weeks leave to be at Kozhikode, our home town, and Ashi agreed to make this 354kms distance together in my CBZ ... more»

Kanthaloor Trip
I first heard about Kanthaloor during a Kodaikanal Munnar trek - when our guide casually mentioned about Kanthaloor, while describing the places in front of us, as we descended down towards Vattavada ... more»

Kurinjal Trek
Couple of months after the Roopkund trek, I was still dreaming about the mountains. While, another Himalaya trek soon may have been difficult, a weekend at the western ghats was always an option. Thus, a plan from Vishwanath for a Kurinjal trek was so welcome ... more»

Agastya Mala Trek
Agastya Mala is considered as the abode of sage Agastya. With an elevation of about 1868m, it is one of the tallest peak in western ghats. It is also one of the toughest treks in the region, as the trail starts from a relative low altitude. The peak and its nearby areas are famous for the abundance and variety of medicinal plants ... more»

Meesapulimala Trek
When myself and Preethu visited Gayathry at Ambala, after a Leh trip, we had an agreement with her that whenever she and Deepak takes the next vaccation, we would plan a Western Ghats trek. When the time for their vaccation came, we discussed a few options, eventually narrowing down to the following three ... more»

Pangong Tso Trip
I have long heard statements about the beauty of Kashmir, asserting it as the heaven on earth. After reading numerous blog posts and pictures sharing amazing experiences from there, I always coveted experiencing heaven-on-earth first-hand ... more»

Srinagar Trip
A few years back, I could not imagine myself taking a domestic flight and hiring a cab (with driver) from the airport for further sight seeing! But, this is exactly what we ended up doing for a Srinagar - Leh trip ... more»

Narasimha Parvatha Trek
If I had to make a list of popular trekking trails in Karanataka, about 10 years back, Narasimha Parvatha / Parvata would surely be there in the list. Infact, once I was in Agumbe for this trek, but was unable to complete it because of the threat of naxals in the area ... more»

Hogenakkal Trip
I first visited Hogenakkal in May 2002 and since then, the place stayed as one of my favourites near Bangalore. I was there a few more times after that, but did not manage to go on a full coracle ride inside the canyon ... more»

Siruvani Trip
What piqued my interest in the area was a visit to Malampuzha dam during a weekend family trip to Palakkad. During this trip, I spotted a few majestic looking hills in the region. I was soon trying to gather information about the hills around Malampuzha, Dhoni and Siruvani - which generated enough interest to make a full trip to Palakkad ... more»

Agastya Mala Trek
It is in the middle of January that Agastya Mala / Agasthyakoodam is open to visitors and this time I did not want to miss the window. So, as soon as the forest department started giving away passes, I called them up. I was told that I have to be there at the spot with an ID proof to get the passes ... more»

Pythalmala Trek
Pythalmala is the tallest peak in Kannur district of Kerala. I'd been hearing about this place for a while now - but what piqued my interest recently was the pictures shared by Jinu from his trek to Pythalmala and Kanjirakolly. Later in a chat, he mentioned that Thadiyandamol ranges are very near to Pythalmala and he actually did a trek from Thadiyandamol to Kanjirakolly ... more»

Savandurga Trek
Its been a while since I did a trek and it was hard to get a full weekend dedicated for trekking. So, I planned something more simple - a day trek to Savandurga. I first checked with Tilak and Sudeepto - who readily agreed - and soon Santa and Gopal joined ... more»

Athirapally Trip
It was a while since I hit the road. Especially after a long Jaipur Trip, where we had our stay and accomodation totally booked, I was dying to do a road trip like I usually do. December was also my last chance to take the excess leaves which cannot be carried over to the next year ... more»

Jaipur Trip
The plan started as a trip to Uttaranchal. Everybody was interested and Preethu's Achan and Amma also agreed to come with us. Air tickets to and fro Delhi was booked in no time as the rates were already going up. But, when planning started, November did not look like the right time to go to Uttaranchal ... more»

Banasura Trek
A week after the Chembra Trek, I planned the next one. I had talked to the officials at Range Forest Office, Meppadi and got to know that trekking to Banasura is now allowed. There was no point in waiting and I decided to visit Banasura before the forest department change their mind ... more»

Nilambur Trek
I planned to trek from Vaduvanchal to Nilambur via Meenumutty falls as early as in March 2008, but due to a wild fire it was curtailed to a small picnic to different tiers of Meenmutty Falls. Our guide Thomas Chettan, promised to take me through this trail as soon as the situation changes. But, it did not happen for a while. It was possible to take this trail only during summer and we faced some permission issues the whole of 2009 ... more»

Amedikallu Trek
Amedikallu was in my mind, ever since the Ombattu Gudda trek. The trek to Ettina Bhuja, where I caught a more than good glimpse of the peak, only increased the craving to go to Amedikallu. So, when I got a free weekend amidst a hectic schedule at work and home, I decided this is it! A few people showed interest in the beginning, but it was only me and Srini in the end ... more»

Ettina Bhuja Trek
Some busy time at work and home had kept me away from the western ghats for a while. When Ina and Girish invited me for a trek to Ettina Bhuja, I was dying to go. I first heard about Ettina Bhuja (and Amedikallu) while looking for information about Ombattu Gudda and was planning an Amedikallu trek for a while now, which never materialized. Girish promised that Ettina Bhuja is a precursor to the Amedikallu trek and is as good as the later ... more»

Nagarhole Trip
Another long weekend was coming, thanks to Ugadi, and we had to go somewhere. We checked up couple of resorts around Nagarhole, Kabini, Masinagudi and Dandelli, but most of them were booked well in advance or were too expensive. Now, we were left with the usual mode of operandi - hit the road and worry abt accommodation only when needed ... more»

Skandagiri Trek
Skandagiri aka Kalavaarahalli Betta became extremely popular in Bangalore only recently, thanks to a forward with the pictures of a beautiful sunrise at this hill. Suddenly, everybody wanted to go to Skandagiri and was looking for directions. Even, I had got mails from people asking 'have u gone to Skandagiri?', 'how do I get to Skandagiri?' or 'is it always possible to see sunrise like this?'. I had no clue ... more»

Pushpagiri Trek
Pushpagiri peak is usually referred as Kumaraparvatha from the Kukke Subramanya side and Subramanya - Kumaraparvatha trek had been one of the most strenuous our gang had done. The access to the Pushpagiri peak from Somwarpet is considered easier and I'd been planning this for a while now. Going with other groups never worked out and since 23rd Nov 2008, spending a normal weekend on a trek looked difficult amidst a tight 'visit all friends and family' schedule ... more»

Ombattu Gudda Trek
Let me start with an apology to all those who have conquered this mythical hills long long ago and kept it as one of the most well kept secrets in Western Ghats. Also, let me pray for all those who were lost here, including people I knew. I dont want non-serious trekkers coming to this place and making it another garbage area ... more»

Swargakunnu Trek
After planning a few times and cancelling almost as many times I was back at Muthappanpuzha for a fourth time (twice for a Vellarimala Trek and later for a visit to Josettan's place) during a vaccation surrounding Vishu. Josettan had suggested trekking to Kalladi near Meppadi in Wayanad along a jeep track from Muthappanpuzha. I had only half a day and had to return home before evening. So, I thought of doing a preview trip to Swargakunnu enroute Kalladi ... more»

Thirunelli Trek
Thirunelli is an old temple with a beautiful backdrop provided by mist covered green hills on three sides. One of my most favourite destinations, I was first drawn to it after a trek to Brahmagiri from the Iruppu side and heard stories about the mesmerizing trek from the Thirunelli side. I was there once during monsoon and was enchanted by the beautiful spectacles and wowed to come there again for a trek. The trek had happened this January, from Thirunelli to Pakshipathalam and I decided to come back within a month for another go @ Brahmagiri ... more»

Vellarimala Trek
The first time I saw Vellarimala was from the top of Chembra. Who can stand a taller looking peak just a few kms away after a tedious trek? Chembra was supposed to be the tallest peak in Wayanad and there was no way this peak cud've been taller. Well ... at that time I was told by our guide that Vellarimala is in Kozhikode district and stands as tall as 2240m above msl ... more»

Meesapulimala Trek
Gauri was the mastermind behind the whole plan. She had done some browsing on Kalypso Adventures and forwarded me a plan, which I forwarded to few other people. Everybody who had been to Munnar had told me how beautiful the place is and a trek in Munnar could have been the best plan for the long christmas weekend ... more»

Dudhsagar Trek
It is not without reasons that Goa is considered a bad destination during monsoon. There is a lot of rain, and very little crowd, and only a few beach shacks, which makes Goa a special place. I started off in a Paulo Travels bus and got down @ Kanakona. I am not getting in to the reasons why I decided I wudnt take their bus again, since that may amount to defamation :) Anyways, from Kanakona I took an auto and went straight to Palolem beach, my favourite holiday destinaton ever ... more»

Thiruvananthapuram Trip
This trip to Thiruvananthapuram (or Trivandrum), via Thekkady and Kumarakom was done during the last week of Jan, 2006. Since, republic day fell on a thursday, we could combine it with a weekend to eke out 4 days for a trip :) The usual route from Bengaluru to Ernakulam had become boring by now and we decided to take the NH209 ... more»

Mumbai Trip
"Isnt it boring with 4 wheelers???" This is what a friend of mine asked me, when I explained how I stopped my long bike trips and started going on 4 wheeler instead. Yup, I had to agree, 4 wheeler is not as exciting as a 2 wheeler long drive ..... except when u r talking about a really looooooooong one!!! So be it .... when I got few days off around Diwali, which combined with couple of leaves became 9 full days, I had to plan for a really loooooooong trip ... more»

Brahmagiri Trek
After a pretty hectic period in Firetide, finally I got couple of days off, including a whole weekend. I did have a Yana trek planned for the coming weekend. But what about this one? Pappan was all ready to come and the place, Brahmagiri in the Kerala-Karnataka border, was decided after a conversation I had with Arun, who gave us all the needed information. Sunil also could come with us and Vinay jumped in the last minute ... more»

Chembra Trek
Every time I pass through Wayanad, I start dreaming about settling down in this beautiful piece of land. This time was no different. But the urge to come back for more was much stronger this time. Okie ... for the beginners ... Wayanad is nestled in the Western Ghats and is located in the northeast tip of Kerala ... more»

Sakleshpur Trek
Railway track from Donigal to Subramanya - aka Green Route - is a 'must-have' in a trekker's 'done' list. And the track stayed in my 'to-do' list for a pretty long time. It was an article in Hindu which Divya forwarded to me, that revived the plan. Ravishankar of 'The Wild' suggested to wait atleast till October, when the tarck will not be that slippery ... more»

Gokarna Trek
It all started during the Karwar Trip. Me had a look at Om beach and fell in love with it. Rarely will you see a place with four virgin beaches seperated by cliffs!!! The beaches in Uttar Kannada district, have a peculiar landscape. They are mostly surrounded by hills on both sides ... more»

Agumbe Trek
Agumbe - Sringeri trek passing through Narasimhaparvatha is a very famous trekking trail. Agumbe, being one of the most heavily raining areas in Karnataka, the whole area is densely vegetated and lush green ... more»

Chennai Trip
There are two routes from Bengaluru to Chennai. One through Chittoor, Ranipet, Kanchipuram and Sriperumbudur, the NH4, which is around 320 kms. Other one was through Krishnagiri, Vellore, joining the NH4 at Ranipet ... more»

Kemmanagundi Trek
Kemmanagundi is a scenic hill station in the Baba Budan range of hills. Karnataka's tallest peak, Mullayanagiri, is also part of the same hill ranges. 55 Kms to the north of Chikkamagaluru, Kemmanagundi is also known as KR hills after the Wodeyar king Krishna Raja Wodeyar who made it his favourite summer camp. Located at a height of 1434 meters, it is amazingly verdant and has beautiful climate throughout the year ... more»

Savandurga Trek
The trek to Savandurga was a near death experience. The first instance where I lost my way and trapped a full night amidst the rocks and a jungle of dry thorny bushes ... more»

Muthathi Trek
This trip was done with the Nature Admire team, lead by Dev Balaji. Bheemeshwari / Muthathi is located around 100 kms from Bangalore, 50 kms further from Kanakapura. Our trek was around 8 kms, starting from Bheemeshwari to Muthathi ... more»

Yercaud Trip
Yercaud is a hill station situated in the Servaroyan hills (Shevaroy Range) of Salem District, Tamilnadu. Its at an approximate altitude of around 4950 feets and is a nice place to be around the year ... more»

Rangaswamybetta Trek
Another memorable trek with Ravi Shankar (The Wild). My third one after Maribetta and Siddarabetta caves. Rangaswamybetta (Rangaswamy Betta) is situated in the midst of the Bannerghatta forest. 55 kms from Bangalore towards Kanakapura it has an altitude of around 1900 feets ... more»

Mullayanagiri Trek
Chikkamagaluru is 265 km from Bengaluru and is known for coffee plantations and its scenic beauty. Mullayanagiri (aka Mulayanagiri), is part of the the Baba Budan Giri Hill Ranges here. It stands 1930 meters and is the tallest peak in Karnataka ... more»

Bandipur Trip
This was a trip with a difference. For a change we went in Pravin's matiz. With Nisha and Reshma .... total two days ... more»

Maribetta Trek
The trek to Maribetta was organized by The Wild - an adventure club in Bangalore. The club is headed by Mr. Ravishankar and is located in Jayanagar ... more»

Hogenakkal Trip
Hogenakkal is in the Karnataka - Tamilnadu border, 180 km from Bengaluru. It can be reached from Bengaluru by road. Easiest route is via Dharmapuri in NH7 and then a right towards Hogenakkal. There is an easier route from Hosur, but the road may not be that good ... more»

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