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Snaps from a Munich Trip in Feb 2004

Munich is a nice city ... but the trip was too short for me. The only thing I cud do was to roam arnd in the city a couple of times. That too after evening :(

Me in a train

Inside a train ... on the way to the hotel. Snap taken by a lady who was my co-traveller from Bangalore.

Snow @ Munich

My first glimpse of Munchen (Munich in German). Remains of a very severe winter. But I was very lucky to get a very nice weather.

Municipality building @ Munich

In the Munich city. This is the municipality building.


The FrauenKirche ('Church of Our Lady' in English) is a major landmark of Munich. This building was rebuilt after the second world war.

Municipality building @ Munich

One more snap of the municipality building. This was re-built after second world war.

Theatre near Residenz museum

A theatre adjascent to the residenz museum, which includes the palace of Bavarian king. Munich was part of a kingdom called Bavaria.

FraenKirche @ night

Once again in front of FrauenKirche. Doesnt it have an eerie look in the night?

Swimming pool @ Olympic stadium

A swimming pool in the Olympic stadium. This pool is equipped with warm water even in winter. Hence the big crowd !!!

Highway in the night

A light up highway from an over bridge.

BMW museum

BMW museum from outside ... this building is shaped like a carburator.

U-Bahn train

An underground (U-Bahn) train. Train service is convenient in Munich, with numerous cheap options for daily and weekly tickets which can be used any number of times within a time frame.

Munich airport

Time to leave ...early morning inside Munich airport.

Munich from the flight

Goodbye Munich !!! This is a view from the flight.

Alps mountains

A view of snow capped Alps mountain ranges. Well ... in this snap its difficult to seperate out clouds from the snow.

Clouds from the flight

Does this look like waves in the sea ? Even I thought so ...

Clouds from the flight

Well ... this one is clearer !!! One more snap of the floating clouds.

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