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Snaps from a Newyork Trip in March 2003

Newyork along with Paris was one of the two places I want to visit most. Me and three of my colleagues went there for a month around March - April 2003. It was a wonderful experience and my first foreign trip.

Manhattan, Newyork

A view of Manhattan from the sea. Taken en route Liberty Island in a ferry.

Me in snow

A snowy day, while playing with snow balls. This is inside the hotel, where I stayed.

Manhattan, Newyork

Newyork city from the top of Empire State building.

Me in bike

Me in the only bike which i could afford there.

Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha and me

How can I ignore my all time passion ? A Honda/Kawasaki/Yamaha combo can hardly go unnoticed. And look at these bikes pleading me to get in !!! Taken seconds before the owner shouted "no photos of my bike".

Statue of Liberty

The statue of liberty. Taken from a ferry.

Empire State building

Looking up from the foot of the empire state building. This building is indeed huge with 106 floors.

People @ Central Park

A marathon in Central Park.

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