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Snaps from a weekend trip to Portland / St Helens / Seattle (July 2007)

Like most of the trips, once again journey was more important than the destination. I took a flight to Portland, via Boise, headed to Corvallis, where my cousin stays. Back to Portland next day to catch up with college friends and then a drive with them to Seattle via St Helens. It was abt 6.45, by the time we reached Seattle, where I just had a glimpse of the downtown and the Snoqualmie falls before flying back to San Jose, next day.

Seattle, is known (rather notorious) for a lot of rain, caused by the presence of many mountain ranges in this region, notably the Cascade range. Somehow, people doesnt tend to like heavy rains. But, the welcome thing which comes as a side effect, is the thicker shades of green in the states of Washington and Oregon compared to its neighbours.

Snake river gorge

This river gorge, which I saw from the flight on my way to Boise, must be the Snake River, winding its way up. The river finally flows through the Hell's Canyon, the deepest Canyon in North America, at the Oregon - Idaho state border.

View during Boise - Portland flight

Clouds tinted red by the setting sun .... during the Boise - Portland flight.

Mount St Helens from a flight

This must be the Mount St Helens, spotted to the right of a North - West bound Boise - Portland flight. I was waiting during the whole flight to locate the St Helens and missed the mighty Mount Hood to the left. Our flight flew just next to Mount Hood as it was approaching Portland.

Charu, my niece, @ cousin's place in Corvallis. Spending time with her was singularly worth all the travel! Corvallis is a quite, idyllic town to the south of Portland, abt 10miles west of Albany on I-5.

Corvallis river front

Quite ... beautiful ... It reminded me of my Aunt's house @ Koodathai in Kozhikode. Btw ... this is the Corvallis river front! I luved this place and the Farmer's Market next to the river front, which happens on all Saturday's.

Berries @ Corvallis river front

Scenes from the River Front. I spent a long time there clicking at every flower/fruit/flies I cud spot.

Fountain @ Corvallis river front

Kids playing @ the fountain near Farmer's Market, Corvallis.

With Arun and Ashish @ Ragesh's house

Arun, Ashish and myself @ Ragesh's house, making sure that we finish as much as we can. Cud u identify the items in the table? Kappa (Tapioca), Fish Curry, Puttu (Steamed Rice Cake), Chicken Curry ... the list goes on. These are the things which most people from Kerala wud hogg on to ... Thnx Chandana / Ragesh ... we all luved the food!

Devagiri Engineers

Four Stud Engineer's from St Joseph's College, Devagiri, Kozhikode! We call ourselves Devagiri Engineers! Message to the rest of the gang ... U missed the food! To our host wearing the red t-shirt ... U r gonna put a lot of weight ... soon!

Hoffstadt Creek bridge

Hoffstadt Creek Bridge is the longest of the 14 new bridges as part of the reconstruction of Spirit Lake Memorial Highway (Washington State Route 504), leading to Mount St Helens. The bridge is located at the limit of the blast zone of the 1980 St Helens eruption. The lush greenery here is attributed to the heavy rains in this area following the eruption.

Cold Water lake

Cold Water Lake, near the Cold Water Ridge Observatory. Lush vegetation here is testimony to the current climatic conditions, while the base of the tree trunks fallen in the 1980 eruption, silently reminds of what had happened not so long back!

Mount St Helens

Mount St Helens from Johnston Ridge Observatory. This is the closest you can get to the Volcano by vehicle, abt 5 miles from it. Mount St Helens has lost abt 1200ft as a result of the blast.

The 1 mile distance between the Coldwater Ridge Observatory and the Johnston Ridge Observatory is right through the banks of Upper Toutle River Valley almost filled with sediments from the blast.

Seattle downtown

Finally ... destination Seattle ... view of the high rises from the top of Space Needle.

Snoqualmie falls

Snoqualmie Falls, 30 miles west of Seattle. Ashi took me there in the night after dinner .... gud .... whats the point in sleeping early when u have so many places to see?

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