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Pics from a weekend @ Shanghai (December 2014)

After three weeks at Beijing and a day at Hangzhou, I boarded another bullet train to Shanghai. About 20 mins later, I was at the Shanghai Hongqiao Railway station, looking at the metro map for Lujiazui metro station. The metro looked slightly older (compared to the other cities in China that I had seen), but had so many lines and seem to connect most of the city.

Pudong at night

I was in for a huge surprise as I walked out of the metro station - in to a fly-over, looking for the Pudong Shangri-La. Little had I realized that the hotel was situated right in the middle of Pudong - the most high-tech section of Shanghai, dotted with glittery sky-scrappers. It looked like the glitter of Las Vegas and the grandeur of Newyork rolled in to one, with the beautifully lit up city rivalling (and probably exceeding) any other western cities that I had seen.

Huangpu river

I shacked up with Jagan for the night and the hotel had a good view of Huangpu, the river that cuts through Shanghai.

Huangpu river

After breakfast, we were out in the streets, admiring the huge sky-scrappers all around us. One of the most striking buildings here is the Oriental Pearl Tower with a height of about 468m.

Shanghai city model

Later in the day, we were at the Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center, located in People's Square, Shanghai. This is a multi-storeyed building with many exhibitions about Shanghai urban planning and transport system. One of the interesting display here was a scaled down model of the Shanghai city.

Pudong Skyline

By evening, we were back at the East Nanjing Road metro station - which is a short walk from the Bund, regarded as a symbol of Shanghai for years. A water front on the west bank of Huangpu (Pu = river in Mandarin), the Bund offers spectacular views of Pudong (Dong = east), the east side of Huangpu. It was just getting dark by the time we reached the Bund - right in time for the stunning views of the Pudong skyline across Huangpu.

Jagan, Naveen, Santa @ the Bund

The bund is about a mile long and we - Jagan, Naveen, Santa & me - spent the rest of the night walking around, ineracting with the kaleidoscope of cultures which was on display there. But, beware of all kinds of peddlers and pimps, who offer many services, including massage and drinks. Some of them, even starts with very nice conversations, before suggesting that they can help you to have more fun! It is safe to avoid them and politely refuse any such offers.

Girls @ the Bund

These girls from Texas asked for help to get a picture of theirs with the skyline in the background. After a few attempts with their mobile phone cameras, I realized that the background lights were too bright and offered to take a picture with my camera.

Pudong Skyline

I spent a while trying to get pictures of the stunning skyline and the various hues it created in Huangpu.

Pudong Skyline

The Oriental Pearl Tower, being the closest to the river, looks the tallest. But, the Shanghai World Financial Center towards the right has a height of 492m and is taller. The other tall building in between these two is the Jin Mao Tower, with an altitude of 421m.

Girl with mobile @ the Bund

Later in the night, I was busy trying out a few candid portraits - this girl was trying to take a selfie of hers and checking out her pics in the mobile, while I managed this click.

Clock tower @ the Bund

The Bund had been called a 'museum of international architecture' due to various architectural styles, which can be located all around. This clock tower, for instance, looks more European than Chinese.

Naveen @ the Bund

In spite of staying at the Bund till late in the night, I was feeling that I missed out on the day light views. Next day morning, Naveen agreed to come along with me once again and waited patiently, admiring the Pudong skyline, while I was busy trying to get more pictures.

Model posing @ Shanghai

After noon, we were roaming around at the streets of Shanghai, including some of the picturesque locations hosting the consulate buildings of various countries. I spotted a bunch of photographers, capturing pictures of this beautiful model across a painted glass door and could not help clicking a few pictures too.

Maglev train @ Shanghai

It was soon time to head towards the Shanghai International Airport, from where, we had our return flights booked. The airport is connected to the city through a Maglev train, one of the fastest train service in the world, with trains running up to 430km/h. We got down at the Longyang road metro station, to transfer to the Maglev train station.

Shanghai was the last leg and a fitting finale to an amazing visit to China. The city, with its richness, modern transportation services and colorful sky scrappers is a crowning jewel for this modern country, which looks way ahead of many of the western nations.

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