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near Avalanche Valley

One humble request to all the people planning to go to for treks. Please respect nature and remember other people. Never litter these wonderful places. Infact, it will be great, if you can pick up some of the litter (especially the non-bio-degradable) and carry it back. Please abstain from smoking and drinking when you are with nature. Even if you cant help it, atleast carry back cigarette buds and liquor bottles. If couple of us show some responsibility, we can keep these places clean and pristine for the coming generations!!!

What's New?

Returning back to the Kudremukh ranges for a Mullodi - Hiremaleguppi - Navuru trek, was very rewarding - lush green grass lands all around, Kudremukh peak from Hiremaleguppi, twin peaks Hiremaleguppi and Thirumaleguppi, hill ranges hosting Hiremaleguppi, Thirumaleguppi and Athiberi ... to add to the charm, it was a challenging trek as well.

Thrilled to finally complete the write-up on a Pandiar - Daverbetta - Mukurthi - Western Cachement - Avalanche trek, with all the details I could gather. Thanks to Ramkumar Gopalan and Srinivas Reddy IFS to provide me with this rare opportunity to revisit the Nilgiri hills and grass lands, through which I was able to explore many important peaks in Nilgiri.

Trek to Narasimha Parvatha was a long pending item in my ToDo list, which did not happen so far due to the naxal threat in the area resulting in permission issues. Now that the situation is eased, we took Vishwa's help to organize a Malandur - Narasimha Parvatha - Kigge trek, coupled with visits to Jogi Gundi and Onake Abbi falls. The trip was double fun with my college gang.

Almost a year after my first Himalaya trek, I managed to write it down. We - me, Preethu, Amit and Priya - joined the YHAI India trek to Saurkundi for an awesome first time experience in the Himalayas.

Having read about the Escape Road for years, me and Preethu called up Kodai Mani to arrange a trek from Kodai to Munnar through Berijam lake and the beautiful villages of Kavunji, Kilavarai and Vattavada. I was not so happy with the very unprofessional conduct of Kodai Mani and team - especially considering his high fees - and wanted to go back to the Vandaravu watch tower. So, a return trek from Top Station was inevitable :), this time with Jinu, Priyanka and Gladys, guided by Rajan. As per Rajan's plan, we trekked up to Vandaravau watch tower and grass lands on day 1, while on day 2, we descended towards Kurangini, before returning to Bangalore via Bodi and Theni.

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