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Trek to Maribetta in October 2002

The trek to Maribetta was organized by The Wild [1] - an adventure club in Bengaluru (Bangalore). The club is headed by Mr. Ravishankar and is located in Jayanagar.

Maribetta is located near Kanakapura, around 6 kms from Kanakapura in the Ramanagar Road. There is a Durga temple in one of the hilltops and hence the name Maribetta. Mari is Durga and Betta is hill. Maribetta is essentially Durga Hills.

Our trek involved an altitude of 1200 feets and 8 - 10 kms. The first destination was (see picture below) to reach the top of the left (smaller) hill, through the greenery. Durga temple is located in the valley of this. The second destination was ofcourse to reach the zenith of the right (and the highest) peak, from the backside.

Maribetta hills

We started off at 7.30 from bangalore, had a breakfast and an introductory round enroute to Kanakapura. Reached Maribetta by around 9.30. After filling the lunch boxes with some essential food items, we were ready to trek.

First few kms were very small slope leading to the bottom of the hill. We all strolled along enjoying the majestic monolithic rocks around us. Soon the path became rocky and the climb more steep. We reached our first bay within half an hour.

After some gamboling and (successful) efforts to climb a small (not very small but small in comparison with the zeniths), we set off again. By this time, the sun was really out and the climate was warming up. Next stop was almost one hour ahead and the walk through the thick vegetation, enjoying the music of the birds and the cool breeze seemed eternal (see picture below). Whenever we reached some open area, with less vegetation, the sun shone fiercely and made us run for cover.

In the end we reached the top of the valley between the two peaks. The view from there was simply awesome, surrounded on almost all sides by huge monolithic peaks standing tall. We could see the straight path, which will take us to the valley, where the Durga temple is located. It was a great relief to see the level ground and some descent after that. It was a welcome breather for most people and we enjoyed our little break in the shades of a big tree. Some of us noted a big rock, with very little crevices and made some futile attempts to climb it. Soon the party was ready to proceed and we postponed our efforts for the return journey.

Within one more hour we reached the Durga temple. We had to wait for almost another hour or so, before everybody reached there. Some people opened their lunch boxes and preferred to stay back. The rest of us packed up our lunch boxes and water bottles and were all set to make the last conquest.

@ Durga temple

Climb from there was very steep and tiring. More than that, the path was covered with thorny plants and they made several marks on my face and hands. The sun was also at its peak and we really felt the heat. It took us almost half an hour more to reach the second zenith, which was around 200 feets below the peak. We took a breath there and stared agog at the steep climb ahead of us.

The final climb was all the more difficult, since there was hardly any path!!! And it was more of a clamber than a climb. Many people stopped in between for a breather and extended their stay. At last we started to see some peak and with renewed energy and vigor continued climbing. But, we were wrong, since we had to revise our targets atleast four times after seeing higher peaks after the one we just conquered. It almost seemed like a never-ending mirage. Sun was coming down so strongly on us, with hardly any vegetation around to hide ourselves. The dizzy heights at which we found ourselves were majestic, with panoramic views of the valley down. There were a few cactus trees around and some touch marshy areas were there is some grass. Apart from these, the place was completely barren with hard steep granite rock.

When we reached the top at last, we threw our bags and ourselves down in some wetness we could see. In spite of the heat and exhaustion, it was a great feeling to reach there. People kept on coming for another half an hour or so. We assembled together, celebrated the success and proceeded to have our lunch. It was indeed one of the tastiest lunches I ever ate. Curd rice and chana rice tasted like elixir!!!

@ the top of Maribetta

By 2 'O clock we were ready to descent. Soon the contingent of people who chose to stay back in the Durga temple joined us and we proceeded like a happy family. The return was very quiet and non descript except for a small stretch were we lost our way. In the end we had to jump a few rocks (around 10 20 feet high) and it was some fun time watching people landing at their backs :))

We reached the valley by 3.00, made tea, shared some lighter moments and rested for almost an hour. Some of us had our unfinished business of conquering the rock we couldnt on our way up. But, now were an experienced bunch and made it, though with some effort.

The whole group

It was almost 6.00 by the time we reached the starting point. Everybody was so exhausted but longing for more. It was a wonderful experience, which cannot be forgotten so easily.

On our way down

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