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Muthathi - Bheemeshwari trek in January 2004

This trip was done with the Nature Admire team, lead by Dev Balaji [1]. Bheemeshwari / Muthathi is located around 100 kms from Bengaluru (Bangalore), 50 kms further from Kanakapura. Our trek was around 8 kms, starting from Bheemeshwari to Muthathi.

In the bus

We were a team of around 20 and travelled in a tempo traveller.

Breakfast break

... had breakfast on the way near Kanakapura ...

Start of the trek

We got down near the Kaveri / Cauvery fishing camp in Bheemeshwari ...

Trek team in action

... and trekked along side river Kaveri (Cauvery) towards Muthathi.

A small climb

Climbing up a hillock on the way.

Kaveri from the top of a hillock

A view of Kaveri from the top of the hillock.
Taking a break

... catching breath ... while enjoying the cool ... balmy breeze

Trek route along the river

Wasn't the water cool and tempting? I thought so ...

In Kaveri river

well ... this had to happen ... This is after lunch ... in Muthathi

In Kaveri river

... almost two hours of awesome time in water ... and it was time to leave.


... this is on the way back ... as usual with a lot of noise and anthakshari ...


Isn't life as beautiful as sunset and as cool as school? I am sure it is :-D

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