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A night @ Savandurga in March 2004

The trek to Savandurga (Savanadurga) was a near death experience[1,2]. The first instance where I lost my way and trapped a full night amidst the rocks and a jungle of dry thorny bushes !!!

Magadi - Ramanagar road

Savandurga is located between Magadi and Ramanagar. Me and a friend took the Bangalore - Mysore highway and took the Magadi road from Ramanagar. This road is smoother, though longer, compared to the usual path taken, which is Bangalore - Magadi road and a left from Magadi, leading to Ramanagar. This road is dry, though scenic, with a view of Savandurga and a lot of other rocks on the way.

A lake seen on the way

A near by lake. This lake looks good from the top of the hill.

We reached the foothills of savandurga by arnd 10 and started climbing soon. The plan was to come down by noon and reach home by evening, after having lunch in some dhaba en route. We had enuf supplies. Two litres of water, 1 litre of milk, some bread, fruit juice, chocolate ... etc

Start of the trek

This is almost the beginning of the trek. But the fact is we have already lost our way by this time and realized this only much later !!!

All dried up

The initial part of the trek was nice. Though not the right one to the top, there was a path. As expected, most of the vegetation was dry due to the heat and some of them was thorny.

Huge boulders coming our way

We soon found ourself in a state with no route ahead. but we went forward past a lot of obstacles. First being a tall boulder with no grip to climb up. After a ot of looking around, We found a cave which will eventually lead to the top of that boulder! Then it was an area with very throny bushes, where we used a couple of logs and went through. But the best was a very difficult rock climb through the middle of two rock flaps. The flaps in the picture is only wide enough for one person, with couple of cracks in the top flap. It was almost 30 ft high and took us almost an hour to climb.

Climbing up through the rocks

Soon we found ourselves in the middle of some huge boulders.

Boulders and the valley

We were getting closer and closer to the peak.

More boulders

By around 4 in the evening we reached within 100 ft of the top, from where we found it impossible to proceed to the main peak.

Highest point we reached

We had to satisfy ourselves with this minor peak near the main one, but no way to reach the main peak, which was behind this. This also meant that we had to comeback the same route we took to go up.

Well to make the long story short, we cudnt make it by sunset. Met some troublesome looking guys on the way who offered to take us to the bottom and then ran away when it got really dark. One of them was carrying a sickle and I kept enough distance between us in case he does something nasty. Around 7, we were left @ nowhere in the dark. With no clue where to go, we just went thro' the jungle and rocks frantically. This ended in a slide thro' the face of a hill to get trapped in a crevice where two hills meet. With no way to go up or down we stayed there for the whole night. All the supplies we had was finished by then and we were both parched.

Next day morning, when it was bright we found out that we were trapped in the middle of a huge hill, with no way to go up or down. the foothold we had got was some big rocks trapped in between two hills, the hole was otherwise big enuf to let us through, needless to say, resulting in any disaster. We tried climbing up some distance, but it became impossible after some time. Then we waited for some time shouting and expecting someone to come near us, but in vein. In the end had to do a dare devil stunt to come down, a height of about 20ft.

Rock bed were we slept

This photo is taken from below that crevice where we slept. I slid down through the left and my friend had a nice jump through the hole in the middle.

After that it was almost two hours more before we somehow managed to reach the foot of the hill. Drained of all power and energy, almost de-hydrated and tired to the core.

Well ... it feels so good to be alive though with scratches, red patches and cuts all over the body :-D

  1. I managed to revisit Savandurga and scale the Billigudda peak during a 2nd attempt in December 2011.
  2. Eventually, I trekked up Karigudda in a 3rd visit to Savandurga in January 2012.

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