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Bandipur / Gopalaswamy Betta trip in June 2003

This was a trip with a difference. For a change we went in Pravin's matiz. With Nisha and Reshma .... total two days.

Among sunflower fields

Bandipur (Bandipura) is around 220 kms from Bengaluru (Bangalore). And Gopalaswamy Betta (Gopalswamy Betta) is a nearby hill with a very good view of the Bandipur forest from the top.

We started off around 5.00 in the morning, reached Mysuru (Mysore) by around 8.00 and Bandipur by 10.00. Pravin did most of the driving with Nisha helping out once in a while. Me and Reshma were comfortably seated ... sleeping/chatting most of the time :-D

Mysuru palace

In front of the Mysuru palace.

Elephant ride

Elephant ride in Bandipur.

Playing frisbee

Me, Pravin playing frisbee in the resort.

@ Gopalaswamy betta

Exploring Gopalaswamy Betta.

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