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Hyderabad Bike Trip during August 2003

Wow !!! this was a big one. Alone in my CBZ, around 575 kms, through the National Highway 7, amidst of picturesque landscape.

I started of on a friday early morning with leaves on monday and tentatively on tuesday :)

AP - Karnataka border

First signs of day light, this the Karnataka - AP border. Driving was a night mare, till the sun started shining.

Sunflower fields

Sun flower fields ... I had a very dry impression about Andhra Pradesh. But the landscape is much more green and picturesque than I expected.

Paddy fields

These farmers were so enthusiastic posing for me :)

Sunflower fields

More sun flower fields :)

Me @ a dhaba

A dhaba near Kurnool. I gobbled up a lot of food and took rest for around 1.30 hours here.

I took arnd 4 more hours after this, making it a total of 13 hours. But the return journey was much faster ... just 11 hours.

Mridul on CBZ

At Mridul's house next day ... Mridul proving that he can do a thing or two with a bike.

Me @ Golconda

Saturday evening at Golconda fort. They had a very good light and sound show here. Met some of the old buddies here.

Me @ Golconda

At the top of Golconda fort.

Golconda fort

Another view of Golconda Fort.


Monday evening. In front of charminar ... it looks very good except for the surroundings :)


Again charminar ... isnt this a better view ? though a li'l slanted.


A view from the top of charminar. Its some famous masjid. forgot the name :(

Me all set

All set to go back ... this was taken on tuesday early morning, from Mridul's house.

Thungabhadra river bridge

A view of the bridge over river Thungabhadra, the first of the three big ones en route. This is near Karnool.

Krishna river bridge

Near Ananthapur, this is over river Krishna, to which Thungabhadra joins. These two rivers and couple of other tributaries must be largely responsible for the greenery around this area.

Well ... there were lots of things I cudnt capture in the camera. Couple of races with a Daewoo Cielo and a Tata Indica, a fly over a speed breaker (or a huge back breaker ... with no sign boards or white cross lines), a 7km long road block near kurnool, sneaking thro' the railway gates to escape a road block strike by the farmers ... but most of all the risk of the journey ... the thrill and excitement associated with any challenge and the pride of coming back unscathed :))

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