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Some snaps from the Hogenakkal Trip in May 2002

Hogenakkal is in the Karnataka - Tamilnadu border, 180 km from Bangalore (Bengaluru). It can be reached from Bangalore by road. Easiest route is via Dharmapuri in NH7 and then a right towards Hogenakkal. There is an easier route from Hosur, but the road may not be that good. We went there in a rented sumo. The main attraction is a canyon of river Kaveri (Cauvery), around 200 ft deep and a few kms long. There were a few nice waterfalls around. Water itself is around 60 - 1000 ft deep in the canyon. it moves to a shallower region near a sort of small island. Canyon can be crossed partly walking and partly in small rubber boats. We rented the small round skiff and the boatsman took us to the island, where we had a swim, had an oil massage, played a lot in the water, ate fried fish ... etc for around 3 to 4 hours.

Falls @ Hogenakkal

A view of the beautiful waterfalls here ... Water falls to the huge canyon below, where all the boating is done.

Boat ride

A ride in the small round skiffs.

Falls @ Hogenakkal

Another view of the waterfalls ...

In the round boat

Water fall from the Canyon. We were in the Skiffs and our friends in another skiff is approaching the falls.

Kaveri river

Frolicing in river Kaveri.

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